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Youth Audio Tour
Welcome to the michener art museum

1 - Welcome to the Michener Art Museum  

How we created this audio guide

2 - How We Created This Audio Guide  

James michener a living legacy

3 - James Michener: A Living Legacy  

James a michener s achievements

4 - James A. Michener's Achievements  

James a michener as traveler and writer

5 - James A. Michener as Traveler and Writer  

Study for new london facets by lloyd raymond ney

6 - Study for New London Facets by Lloyd Raymond Ney  

The burning of center bridge by edward redfield

7 - The Burning of Center Bridge by Edward Redfield  

The throne desk and armchair by robert whitley

8 - The Throne Desk and Armchair by Robert Whitley  

Rejects from the bat factory by mark sfirri

9 - Rejects from the Bat Factory by Mark Sfirri  

The story of the new hope art colony

10 - The Story of the New Hope Art Colony  

Road to lumberville by fern coppedge currently not on view

11 - Road to Lumberville by Fern Coppedge (currently not on view)  

The nakashima reading room

12 - The Nakashima Reading Room  

The butterfly joint in the nakashima reading room

13 - The Butterfly Joint in the Nakashima Reading Room  

Door and surround by phillip l powell

14 - Door and Surround by Phillip L. Powell  

A wooded watershed by daniel garber

15 - A Wooded Watershed by Daniel Garber  

The twins virginia and jane by joseph pearson currently not on display

16 - The Twins, Virginia and Jane by Joseph Pearson (currently not on display)  

The street quartet by paul keene

17 - The Street Quartet by Paul Keene  

Raindrops by allan houser

18 - Raindrops by Allan Houser  

The history of the bucks county prison the sculpture garden

19 - The History of the Bucks County Prison: The Sculpture Garden  

King lear by barry johnston

20 - King Lear by Barry Johnston  

The history of the bucks county prison the sally port

21 - The History of the Bucks County Prison: The Sally Port  

Transition by raymond barger

22 - Transition by Raymond Barger  

The installation of the sculpture transition by raymond barger

23 - The Installation of the sculpture Transition by Raymond Barger  

The control center of the bucks county prison

24 - The Control Center of the Bucks County Prison  

I set before you this day by george anthonisen

25 - I Set Before You This Day by George Anthonisen  

Lassie by eric berg

26 - Lassie by Eric Berg  

Over and above fox by clarence carter currently not on display

27 - Over and Above (Fox) by Clarence Carter (currently not on display)  

The jail cell by josh dudley

28 - The Jail Cell by Josh Dudley  

Face by harry gordon

29 - Face by Harry Gordon  

Circle of life by holly berry huynh

30 - Circle of Life by Holly Berry Huynh  

Untitled landscape with figure by william lathrop currently not on display

31 - Untitled (Landscape with Figure) by William Lathrop (currently not on display)  

Sea wind ii by barbara lekberg

32 - Sea Wind II by Barbara Lekberg  

Flirt by molly mason currently not on display

33 - Flirt by Molly Mason (currently not on display)  

James michener s desk

34 - James Michener's Desk  

Prison pastimes

35 - Prison Pastimes  

Age of speed by roy nuse

36 - Age of Speed by Roy Nuse  

Fireplace by phillip lloyd powell

37 - Fireplace by Phillip Lloyd Powell  

Vase with white poppies by m elizabeth price currently not on view

38 - Vase with White Poppies by M. Elizabeth Price (currently not on view)  

Juggler by fred schmidt

39 - Juggler by Fred Schmidt  

Portrait of george nakashima by william a smith

40 - Portrait of George Nakashima by William A. Smith  

Rae seated green dress by ben solowey currently not on view

41 - Rae Seated (Green Dress) by Ben Solowey (currently not on view)  

Hillside cottage by george sotter

42 - Hillside Cottage by George Sotter  

Two triangles by tom sternal

43 - Two Triangles by Tom Sternal  

Waif s anchors by isaac witkin

44 - Waif's Anchors by Isaac Witkin  

William and annie lathrop s tea parties

45 - William and Annie Lathrop's Tea Parties